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Double Fall Hauls: Dark + Dreary vs Autumn Ambiance

Tis the season to be moody!

"Are you a good witch? Or a bad witch?" - Wizard of Oz

Just kidding, what we are really wondering is, when do you start decorating for Fall -

(Sept 1, Mid September or even October?) And, what is your fall style?


Admittedly we are drawn to both the dark + dreary and the autumn ambiance, we just couldn't decide.

So, we put together 2 mood boards!

Yes, that's right - double bubble toil and trouble.

We are rounding up all the best finds for both these styles.


Autumn Ambiance

Mood Board

We designed this mood board with more "Halloween" macabre inspirations. All the rich maroons, blacks and warm brown tones are offset with ivory and cream for balance.

Tip: If you are drawn to this look, think of utilizing textures, bringing in spooky images or decor. We liked the natural spooky stuff, like classic busts, anatomical drawings, dried florals to give almost a gothic romantic feel.

  1. Moon Wreath, Black and Red, Size 22" x 6" x 26": ($39.98 +tax)

  2. Unframed Bats Wall Decor, 8"x10" 4pk print set: ($18.95 + tax)

  3. Veiled Lady Bust Veiled Maiden Bust Sculpture , 9.8": ($26.99 + tax)

  4. Apothecary Hanging Sign , 15"x 14": ($19.99 + tax)

  5. Babys Breath Fabric Cloth Artificial Flowers, 6 Bundle in Beige Brown: ($19.99 + tax)

  6. A&B Home Noam Planter, 7.5-Inch: available at ($57.60 + tax)

  7. Kate and Laurel Apothecary Wood Desk Drawer Set, 9 Drawers in Rustic Black ($46.99 + tax)

  8. Halloween Skeleton Crow Flower Throw Pillow Covers, 12 x 20 : ($7.99 + tax)

  9. Creative Co-op Fringed Woven Cotton Blend Throw, 50"x60"in Black : ($29.99 + tax)

  10. Tabletops Gallery 12 Piece Madison Dinnerware Set in Speckled Grey : ($74.99 + tax)

  11. Dark Gray Fringed Medallion Area Rug , in multiple sizes: (prices vary based on size)

  12. Bloomingville Resin Hand, Black Decor : ($32.78 + tax)


Autumn Ambiance

Mood Board

If you are anything like us, you may decorate in warm cozy neutrals year round and this may be the look for you. This mood board was inspired by the natural elements and colors like linen, grassy plains, dried leaves and rich denims. We also designed this board to be a bit more transitional, from Sept to Nov. or even year round.

Tip: If you are drawn to this look, think of leveraging natural elements and textures like wood, pottery, stoneware, stone fruit, quilts and florals. It's overall a natural and warm vibe.

Here's the full list of what is pictured in our Autumn Ambiance Board:

  1. 14" Round Stoneware Desk Lamp, Dark Grey: ($64.45 + tax)

  2. Premium Frame Art The Glebe Farm by Artist John Constable, 25.75"x36": ($75.99 + tax)

  3. 6 Pcs Artificial Plants Eucalyptus Stems, 27" x 9.5": ($19.99 + tax)

  4. Distressed Cream Crackle Glaze Vase, 8"x 8"x 8": ($24.91 + tax)

  5. The Tartan Blanket Co. Recycled Stewart Natural Dress Tartan, 28" x 65": ($70.00 + tax)

  6. Rectangle Wood Pedestal with Handle, Small, Brown : ($30.49 + tax)

  7. Unscented Pleated Taper Candles in Box, Set of 12, 1"x10" : ($55.99 + tax)

  8. Governess Gray Melange Tiles Area Rug, in multiple sizes: (Price varies based on size)

  9. Set of 2, Candle Holders True Natural Travertine Stone: ($35.69 + tax)

  10. Skeem Design Glass Fireplace Match Cloche Bottle (Smoke, Small) : ($37.95 + tax)

  11. Traditional Decorative Woven Lumbar Embroidery and Tassels Pillow, 16" x 12" : ($16.34 + tax)

  12. Square Blue Striped Woven Cotton & Linen Pillow, 20": ($44.40 + tax)

  13. Cotton Double Cloth Pillow, Cream and Olive Green, 20": ($27.90 + tax)

That concludes our dual fall haul for you - we love curating and creating mood boards and appreciate you giving this blog your attention! Happy Fall Hauling and enjoy the season.


Disclaimer: Some links in blog contain affiliate links, please see disclosures for more info.



Josh + Loretta


We love to plus things up! We are firm believers in "love what you do and who you do it with", which is why we work together on all our projects.

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