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Get the Look: Emily in Paris - The Savoir Offices

Emily in Paris season 3 just dropped, and I, admittedly, wasted no time to finish it. While the outfits are obvious eye-candy, if you're anything like me - you've been drooling over the backgrounds and offices at Savoir Agency for some time now.

Below we will detail the color schemes, color dupes and elements in the room so you can get the "European Chic" look for yourself.

The Color Palette
Emily in Paris Savoir Agency Set
Concept Illustration: Set Design

Their are multiple colors being used in the office space, they are used to define rooms but all flow and transition together. It's offset by classic gold fixtures, plenty of windows, French doors, and gorgeous trim detailing all over. Part of what makes this office so dreamy is the way the adjoining doors create a layered color break highlighting the next room.

Emily in Paris is a show that is not afraid of color or fashionable elements and the office is no different, however, the colors are splashed carefully throughout, making sure they are muted enough to allow the wardrobe to pop in the scenes.

Through careful inspection, there does appear to be 3 distinct colors that work throughout the office.

  1. Mauve which is primarily in Emily's office and abuts Sylvie's side door, may also span the halls

  2. A dusty blue, which is bold and prevalent in the main conference room, also appears on the backside of the doors making it visible when open

  3. A muted "aged" off-white ivory which grounds the office in softness, also this tone seems to appear warmer and cooler based on the lighting situations.

  4. A brighter toned ivory that was used as a neutral for contrast

Emily in Paris: Reception Room
Concept Illustration : Set Design
The Details

One of my favorite things about these rooms, in addition to the use of color, is the fine details that add character throughout. The antique oval door knobs, the brass toggle switches and modern lighting. The classically European antique nuances offset the modern office elements creating the perfect blend that is overall the style of Emily + the show all together. Don't forget all the layers of trim outlining the windows, doors and creating texturing on the walls. Trim is an easy and effective way to add character, drama and elegance to a otherwise basic wall or room. Tip: If you aren't quite comfortable picking out and creating trim, there are ready made trim kits that you can easily apply to your walls, see below!


Other details in the room are the mid-century modern and contemporary. Background objects like the lighting, vases and artwork throughout the office bridge the old world architecture with the contemporary stylish flair. The perfect representation of what the Agency is, a modern and innovative company that regards tradition and timelessness.




Emily's Office Space
Concept Illustration: Set Design

Emily's office space is the soft dusty mauve, which reflects her rose colored vision, femininity and helpless romanticism insert color swatch and images the classic trim work and color scheme is offset but modern elements like a gold shelf and modern art.

Interestingly, Emily's location in the office is somewhat segregated from the group, she's put in a corner as an outcast but makes it into a spot of her own where she can shine as an individual - mirroring her role at the agency. Her office is strategically between Sylvie and the others solidifying her rank in the agency as well.




Savoir Agency: Conference Room
Concept Illustration: Set Design

The conference room is probably the second most iconic space, it is a dusty blue and features a central fireplace focal point. The curtains are patterned adding fashion forward coordinating element and again, we see brass elements for a Parisian touch and tons of trim work to highlight the architecture of the room.




Finally the other main area of the office is Sylvie's office and the main corridors. These are a bit of a classic creamy tone, allowing a larger and more open feel and leverages the color of the background offices for some variety. Personality wise, this is fitting for Sylvie who is more "reserved" and doesn't tend to share or show emotion, her personality is strong enough to carry the room.