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Facade Facelift

Budget: $6k
Duration: 3 months

The project started because we wanted a new look, the brick was dated and not our favorite but after inspecting the condition of it; it was clear we should replace/repair it completely. The weight and damage to the brick was causing it to pull away from the structure and create gaps. We knew we wanted to use a vinyl, since it was low maintenance and affordable. This was our first install of vinyl and was quite easy!

Before + Afters

There were a couple structural issues with the front. The brick had multiple patches and stress cracks underneath the window sill areas, the stairs were crumbling and pulling off the house, creating a gap for animals. Finally, the wooden bay window was original to the house and had begun to rot on the outside.

The Details

Some up close details of the design that we chose. Number plaque was created using leftover trim and wood that we stained. Vinyl: Shaker Shingles in Harbor Blue, Decking: Dekorators in Hana Brown, Railings: Dekorators, Tiling: Satori Oxide Ledgestone in Natural Stone Slate

The Process