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10 DIY Leading Lady Halloween Costumes

To celebrate October + Halloween we are rounding up 10

DIY leading ladies that you can easily recreate for Halloween !


The following costumes are full of nostalgia, attitude and above all else - iconic fashion forward moments that you may already have pieces for in your closet. We are breaking down these leading ladies and showing you have to get these great looks.

Yep - starting right away with 90s nostalgia. This was most people's first introduction to Britney Spears and still hits hard. I think we all remember the dance, it's basic but highly recognizable look.

Full list of Britney's Look:

Full outfit - if you just want to buy it all outright

Be sure to check out the amazing makeup tutorial courtesy of @JackieWyers

This opening scene is iconic and I think we all hear the theme in our head just seeing this image. This is another costume with simple pieces but is super underrated.

Tip: go the extra step by splash water or stain your shirt like when the bus goes by!

Full list of Carrie's look:

If you are looking for a classic and timeless look that you probably already have in your closet - here it is! If you haven't seen the movie, check it out. But even if people haven't - they know the character.

Tip: If you want to go the extra mile, accessorize with a long cigarette holder and a to-go coffee cup

Full list of Holly's look:

A fun, flirty, badass costume that people will instantly know and you'll be comfortable wearing.

Tip: if you feel like getting into character, wear a thick NY accent, snort when you laugh and pose like the cover for the camera

Full list of Gracie's look:

Honestly, every outfit in the movie is so iconic and fashion forward. Many even have common detailing including lots of layering and matching sets. You can go for a coordinating set look or more of a mix + match separates. She's known for her knee highs, sweater vests, sheer tops and patterns. This is great if you have a couple gal pals you are looking to do a group costume with.

Tip: throw out quotable phrases like "as if" and Designer names. Use a designer/department store bag as your handbag for the night!

Full list of Cher's look:

Full costume - if you just want to buy it all outright

This is another that has many iconic and similar looks throughout the movie, but they are headturning and easy to achieve!

Full list of Olive's look:

Mysterious, cool, and carefree - this "bandaid" made us all want to go on road trips and sing along to the best classic rock songs. Great outfit for someone who wants to scavenge for some great thrift finds.

Tip: finish off this look with some chunky vintage costume jewelry and a vintage looking suitcase

Full list of Pennylane's look:

  1. A standout long coat (best if it's something with contrasting texture and color in collar)

This is one to have some fun with. Animated costumes have the opportunity to take some liberties and exaggerate proportions.

Full list of Kim's Look:

Full costume - if you just want to buy it all outright

What I love about this look is that it's super flexible, it's more about color than exact pieces, don't feel like it has to be too literal. They have had many versions of these classic characters throughout the years but her colors are always the same. You can really do what works best for your body type and personal expression here.

Tip: Explore with skirts, pants, whatever feels right - if you wanna really play around think about adding 70s flare with wide leg pants, sweater vests, etc.

Full list of Velma's look:

  1. Red skirt (can be pleated or high waisted)

  2. Orange sweater (turtleneck, tucked, cropped)

  3. Knee high socks (orange, white)

A quick, easy - SHOWSTOPPER. The international women of mystery. You can go more classic red with the mustard accents or all black. There's al lot of flexibility in this one.

Tip: top off the look with a red lip and Smokey eye. If you're looking for a couple's costume, pair it with Where's Waldo. (Love the use of passport + map in the spotlight!)