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Match ALL Your Delta Champagne Bronze Shower Trims!

If you are reading this, it is because you've probably encountered the same issue as us.

You bought a beautiful Delta shower trim but are struggling to find the matching pieces.

Well good news, I found them for you!


We purchased both a shower + shower tub combination which means, we needed an overflow drain cap, toe tap drain, and a shower drain cover. The product we went with is a lower priced alternative in champagne bronze and comes with both the toe tap tub drain AND the tub overflow. And the best part, it matches!

Our matching Champagne Bronze Finishes:

We tried to capture the undertones and midtones in our matched Champagne Bronzes by photographing multiple lighting situations below. (You can see the Delta shower head is actually not as rich as the handle since it is a plastic piece.) We focused on matching the main valve since it would be closest in material and proximity to the non-Delta items.

Below is a great comparison shot of all the varying finishes out there and how unique Delta Champagne Bronze is.

It has a warm almost rose gold tone. (1. WELLUP, 2. Delta, 3. Artiwell)

Comparing 3 brushed gold finishes

Delta Matching Components in Champagne Bronze

For the shower drain, while we couldn't find a replacement cover from Delta specifically, we purchased the standard Oatey drain ($10 + tax) and bought a matching champagne bronze cover separately. To be sure it matched the Delta "CB" trim, we purchased 2 different plates to compare.

And if you're still struggling to match other hardware in your bath with this champagne bronze, many have shared their success with using Rustoleum's Satin Bronze. While we personally haven't used it, we wanted to shout out the success that other's have had with this!


We hope you've found this helpful in assisting your Delta color match journey.

Thanks for reading!




Josh + Loretta


We love to plus things up! We are firm believers in "love what you do and who you do it with", which is why we work together on all our projects.

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Christian Johnson
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Hope Christine
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