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The BEST CREAM paints for warmth + character


Are you looking to warm up your space? Maybe keep it neutral but cozy without going too dark? We've rounded up THE BEST (creme de la creme, if you will) CREAM paint colors which will stand the test of time. We are calling these "cream" because these all range from fair ivories (74% LRV) to a warmer midtones tones (58% LRV). In this post we cataloged some our what we think can be go-to favorites for any room + real life examples of them in a space to capture the true tone of the paint on the wall.

Our favorite picks - you cannot go wrong!



By Farrow & Ball

Soft off white. Part of the Timeless Neutrals group, created to look like white when used in deep shade. The warm tone is timeless and familiar without the cool undertones.


By Farrow & Ball

A lightly grey beige. Neither too warm nor too cool, Shaded White has a gentle greyness, but without the cooler tones making it incredibly versatile within homes both old and new.


By Sherwin Williams

When you want it light but cozy, consider this warm, creamy white that borders on greige.


By Sherwin Williams

This color is between a warm + cool beige = neutral. The undertone is a green-greige which depending on lighting can look deeper (less natural light) or appear paler (with more natural light). Pairs well with wood due to its muddy undertones.


By Sherwin Williams

Unlike many beiges, this color has undertones of gray that can give your space a warm, snug feel.

Pairs well with earthy tones and adds a vintage antique tone to a room.


Benjamin Moore

A widely appealing shade of gray with lightly cool undertones. It's a warm, neutral color that in certain lighting may take on a greige appearance, sitting between gray and beige. It has very subtle violet undertones which creates an overall warm creamy space.


Benjamin Moore

Ballet White is a tried and true crowd-pleasing off white that offers just the right amount of color with it's complex and nuanced cream undertones. Referred to as "dirty white" it adds a bit of depth to an otherwise blank canvas while still being pleasantly neutral, muted and low key. An easy way to warm up a white wall.


By Behr

A creamy, malty neutral is an ideal choice for rooms with standout millwork, delivering depth and a feeling of history. It has creamy yellow undertones and adds a rich vintage feel the space.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, Photo: Jeremy Bitterman

We created this post as a way to catalog some go-to off-whites and creams for our future projects. We love the colors + how they were used in the photos of the actual spaces. If you think this could be a helpful resource for the future, save this now to easily find it when you need it.




Josh + Loretta


We love to plus things up! We are firm believers in "love what you do and who you do it with", which is why we work together on all our projects.

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Christian Johnson
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Hope Christine
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I am looking for a neutral color for a small townhouse that I can paint walls trim and ceilings. What do you suggest??

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