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A Few of Our Favorite Things...2022 Edition

As 2022 is coming to a close we wanted to round up our

Top 5 #AmazonHome Purchases that we actually own, love + highly recommend.

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We desperately needed some lights in our basement stairwell. At night, it is very dark and while we have plug in night lights + voice command lights in the basement, it lights up the basement but not the stairs themselves. We did some digging and found these stick lights which matched the modern boho aesthetic of our basement! Not only that, they have a sticky back to adhere the base + magnet to easily hold/remove the light itself for charging. The light itself is a beautiful soft warm glow that isn't too bright just right to light up the stairs. The activation is perfectly responsive, whether we are going up or coming down. I was a bit concerned that I may trigger it by walking past my French door at the top of my stairs, but it doesn't trip at all until needed. The battery has also proven to last a very long time and light stays lit long enough to illuminate your path. This is something that we easily overlooked but now that we have it, we've found it to be so convenient and helpful!

Added plus: Our power went out the other day, and we were so glad to have so many rechargeable wireless lights that we could continue to use in the house. These ones we switched to "on" mode and pointed upright on the counter for additional lighting!


This faucet had the look we wanted and some of the best features! Unlike many smart fixtures, this one has a battery box under the sink and turns on/off with the wave of a hand (not even a touch!) This touch-less feature is perfect for those situations when your hands are truly dirty and need to be cleaned. It's not just convenient, it actually limits the touching involved keeping your faucet cleaner, longer. We were really drawn to the classic look of this faucet which still has a pull-down hose (an important feature for me sink we have an apron sink) but the gesture feature quickly becomes second-nature and so easy. The temperature is always set just right now and the activation, automatically shuts off after 3 mins making it eco-friendly. This is a faucet really has brains + beauty.


We post a lot of reels on these babies, because we are truly so happy with them. We bought them for the looks, kept them for the function. I never would have thought we would use them as frequently as we do! But, they are so convenient; being completely wireless you can put them anywhere you want to light up a space, or add drama. We placed them next to our fireplace to frame it more and this aesthetic looks like a heavy, high quality hardwired light BUT it comes with a rechargeable light bulb. Just unscrew, plug in and charge! Boom - done. We use them almost nightly for a cozy glow (they have a remote to control them) and last about 2 weeks on a full charge. These also come in a variety of finishes and allow multiple light temperature and brightness making it perfect for any space!


While there are many smart advanced locks on the market these days, we opted for an easier manually programmable button keypad for our rental units for multiple reasons.

  1. We loved the ease of not having to remember keys, this made our renovation process so much easier. Bye-bye lockbox!

  2. We could have multiple entry numbers for renters in different units.

  3. Codes could easily be given to kids or multiple tenants without copying keys.

  4. No more calls from tenants about lost keys or being locked out.

  5. Changing or adjusting codes is so easy when leases are up!

We loved how easy it was to come and go that we installed this on our own home. We love that we can get dropped off from vacation not needing our keys, go for walks and do yard work in the back without forgetting to lock/unlock the door or bring keys with us. It's also great to know that if we need, we can give family members the code to get in while we are away or if we need something.


This is one of our most recent (Cyber-Monday) Purchases that had us saying, "WHY DIDN'T WE GET THIS SOONER?!"I don't know about you but every winter, when the temperature drops, so does my car's tire pressure. And unfortunately, my car doesn't even tell me which tire is low. I usually wait til I find a place with free air to fill up, not really knowing how low it actually is just hoping its not a flat. It wasn't until we found not 1 but 2 slow leaks in our Tesla tires, made 3 trips costing $4.50 in air that I thought there should be a better way! And, there is. Literally every new driver should have one of these. It's about the size of a wireless charger, it can charge your phone, inflate your car tire, a basketball and other items. We can't believe how convenient this is, it's really fast to charge, you can walk away while it works too! And now that we have a trailer, we thought this was even more of a must-have in case we ever do get a flat. This is a great peace of mind and safety backup which can get you where you need to go whether it's to the nearest fix-a-flat, mechanic or just home.


Earlier this year, we finally decided to add a tv to our bedroom after some much needed supine time. We find that the 32" is perfect at the end of our bed. It blends in seamlessly, as it's supposed to, and displays beautiful art. It also has great sound and picture. However, if you aren't aware, the Samsung Frame TV comes with Samsung TV package FOR FREE. Their "TV" offers movies, tv shows, custom station and radio. With it's art mode, flush mounting, solar rechargeable remote and free stations, it is one of the smartest TVs AND 100% worth the money.

If you are still using those refillable lighters with the bendy necks that click, click, click but never hold the light - its time for an upgrade. We purchased one of these this year and are not looking back! It's rechargeable (sensing a theme with us? haha) so you never run out of juice or have open flames. We also like the light indicator that tells you the battery charge, we've had it for 9 months and only charged it once so far. It's a handy device, particularly for camping since it's wind resistant being a plasma beam + only the size of a pen.


So that wraps up our favorite finds of 2022! Let us know what were some of your favorite finds or if there's something you think we NEED to try.



Disclaimer: Some links in blog contain affiliate links, please see disclosures for more info.



Josh + Loretta


We love to plus things up! We are firm believers in "love what you do and who you do it with", which is why we work together on all our projects.

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Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Apr 30

Highly satisfied with the lock installation service provided by Locksmith Gastonia NC company. The team was courteous, knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to ensure that the locks were installed correctly.

Hope Christine
Hope Christine
Jan 26

I am looking for a neutral color for a small townhouse that I can paint walls trim and ceilings. What do you suggest??

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