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Freida Pinto's Kitchen Inspiration


Love this?

Do you love the look of a celebrity room but not sure how to achieve it?

Think of this as your recipe for a room.

photo by: Sara Tramp

Freida Pinto's moody and muted Indian inspired kitchen was designed by Bobby Berk. It's finished with GE Cafe Appliances, Brizo faucet and leathered tiles by Zachary Walker.

But I'm going to show you how you can get this look for less in your home. (Full list at bottom)


First, setting the foreground to this kitchen is the soft sage cabinets. If you don't have green cabinets, don't worry. The best way to achieve this look quickly and affordably is with paint.

I recommend Backdrop Premium Cabinet & Door Paint in color "Saged" (a muted olive green).

It's durable + washable paint in a semi-gloss finish which is perfect for cabinets.

(Tip: Just be sure you degrease and sand prior to painting!)

This kitchen creates mood and interest through contrast in two main ways.

  1. Large black hexagon floor tiles, these are a leathered finish which creates a soft and textured look

  2. Pops of brass for a reflective and warm element

For the floors, I've seen people paint tile but honestly I would recommend this be where you put your time and money. It will go a long way in creating this look. These (8"x10") matte finish floor tiles provide a similar look + feel at such an incredible price! You can pick these up at Lowes for $1.99 each.

(Tip: Don't forget the black or dark gray grout - it helps to unify the tile and create a cohesion)

You'll notice a few black detailing mixed throughout, the room is accessorized with a minimal black pitcher and mid-century modern sweeping wall sconces. We found two similar items that invoked the same shapes and feel as these. A modern pitcher from Bloomingville

has very similar shapes and minimalism, while this wall sconce incorporates both black and brass notes while keeping a mid-century form factory. (We love that this sconce can be plugged in or hardwired!)

Brass was incorporated in multiple ways in this kitchen to unify and add interest. You'll notice the appliance handles, wall scones, floating shelves, cabinet hardware and faucet are all brass accents to draw your eyes around the room. While we couldn't find a lower priced articulating faucet, we

found a beautiful Kraus alternative with similar lines and at a very affordable price without compromising quality. Additionally, the design leverages the use of brass knobs for a warmer richer feel, we found these great ones. And lastly, look how similar these floating shelves are to the ones in the design!

To round out the design, warm and soft elements are added to contrast the cool modern form factors. We see a natural striped hand towel, paired with a gorgeous vintage pastel looking rug and an unique dark wood cutting board. We found multiple rugs that really matched this style, but this is our favorite. It really has similar coloration and shapes to it overall.

Don't forget to round out the designs with some personal accessories that speak to your style or are meaningful to you! Adding artwork, plants and other accessories go a long way to speak for your own personal aesthetic.


Try This!

Full Item Breakdown

Curated items inspired by Freida Pinto's kitchen
Try this!

  1. Cabinet Paint ($69) This soft sage semi-gloss is super durable and made to last on cabinet and doors

  2. Mid-Century Sconces ($81) Similar shapes and finishes without the premium price. Also features a 2-in-1 plug in and hardwire option.

  3. Modern floating shelves ($77) Can you believe these are not the shelves in the image!

  4. Burnished Brass Cabinet Knobs ($3/pc) While these are a burnished finish, I tend to prefer these to the polished options which can range in bright yellow to bronze.

  5. Pastel Tribal Rug ($68) Love this runner substitute! It has all the right colors and blends of blues and greens while still balancing the bold yet soft graphics.

  6. Kraus Pull Down Faucet ($250) A little modern, a little industrial, alot of prescence - this faucet is an antique brushed bronze which will pull it all together

  7. Striped Turkish Hand Towel ($22) The tassels, the stripping, it's very similar to the inspiration image and if you haven't bought yourself a turkish towel yet - here's your excuse.

  8. Black Modern Pitcher ($22) A beautiful transitional piece that works with almost any style and matches the image perfectly!

  9. Matte Black Hexagon Tiles ($2/pc) With a stone-like texture, these tiles add a beautiful richness and texture

  10. Cutting Board w/ Handle ($26) A dark rich cutting board with a prominent handle is the perfect accent piece to tie the room together


If there's a designer space you love and need direction on how to get the look in your space,

let us know! Til next time - Thanks for reading.




Josh + Loretta


We love to plus things up! We are firm believers in "love what you do and who you do it with", which is why we work together on all our projects.

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